· The Council shall establish a register, to be
known as Register of Estate Administrators
and Insolvency Practitioners.
· The secretary of the Council shall be
responsible, subject to any directions given
to him by the Council, for maintaining the
Register and ensuring that entries are
made in the Register recording-
(a) the name and such other particulars
as may be prescribed of each person
whom the Council has directed shall
be registered; and
(b) the fact that a practising certificate
has been issued to a registered
person, or that any such practising
certificate has ceased to be valid; and
(c) particulars of the cancellation or
suspension of any person’s registration,
and of the restoration of any such
cancelled registration or the
termination of any such suspension; and
(d) any necessary corrections or alterations
to any particulars or facts referred to in
paragraph (a), (b) or (c); and
(e) any other particulars that may be
prescribed or that the Council may

The secretary of the Council shall provide
the Master of the High Court with an
updated copy of the Register at the
beginning of each calendar year, and shall
advise the Master of each and every
amendment to the Register within 7 days
of having amended the Register in
compliance with subsection (2)(a) to (e).


No registered person shall-
(a) perform the work of an estate
administrator or insolvency
practitioner; or
(b) solicit appointment as-
· the executor of the estate of a
deceased person; or the tutor or curator of a person
under legal disability or of the
estate of such a person;
whether directly or indirectly, by himself or
in partnership or association with any other
person, except in accordance with the
terms and conditions of a valid practicing

Qualifications for registration
(1) Subject to subsection (2), a person shall be qualified for registration as an
administrator of estates if—
(a) he is registered as a legal practitioner in terms of the Legal
Practitioners Act [Chapter 27:07]; or
(b) he is registered as a public accountant or public auditor in terms of the
Public Accountants and Auditors Act [Chapter 27:12]; or
(c) he is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and
Administrators in Zimbabwe established in terms of the Chartered Secretaries
(Private) Act [Chapter 27:03]; or
(d) he has passed such examinations set by the Council as may be
prescribed; or
(e) he possesses such qualifications and additionally, or alternatively, has
such experience as may be prescribed or as the Council considers qualifies him for